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Bay Area Local Extras Casting Call - Season 2 of HBO's LOOKING
Needs will be updated frequently as we prep each episode, check back often!

We are casting Bay Area local Extras 18yrs & over for LOOKING, an HBO dramedy revolving around the lives of 3 gay friends living in SF, shooting Mon - Fri through 11/20 mostly in SF. There is a constant need for Men & Women in their 20s-30s to portray Hipsters, Techies, LGBTQ Community, Bar Goers, etc. Friends & Real Couples encouraged. We are still seeking submissions even if role type is not listed below. WE ARE IMMEDIATELY SEEKING THE FOLLOWING TYPES:

* Rural Town Divey Gay Bar Goers Thurs 10/30 approx 10AM-7PM – Men 21- mid 40s to portray blue collar/country casual gay bar goers in Modesto, but shoots in Oakland.

* Picture Pick Thurs 10/30 approx 10AM-7PM – Featured Extras: Lycra Outfit Guy, Early 20s for small, divey, rural/country gay bar scenes (supposed to be Modesto, but shoots in Oakland). Director will photo select 1 man with avg (not super fit) to pudgy physique willing to wear & dance in a production provided silver lycra outfit described as a head-to-toe onesie. He is dancing with a lesbian couple when actors enter. Note 10/30 Lycra in subject line of submission

* Picture Pick Thurs 10/30 approx 10AM-7PM – Featured Extras: 2 Men in their 20s, 1 more reserved/shy looking & 1 with more hot blue collar type looks, will be photo selected by Director for small, divey, rural/country gay bar scenes (supposed to be Modesto, but shoots in Oakland). Lonely guy noticed by cast members, almost invited to dance, when his hot young friend/boyfriend shows up and they share a kiss hello. * Must be willing to kiss on camera! Real couples/friends willing to kiss encouraged. Will be recognizable, but no speaking lines. Note 10/30 Kiss in subject line of submission

* SF Park Goers Fri 10/31 approx 7AM-1PM – popular Mission neighborhood park goers, Men & Women 18-45, Hipsters & “Gay Beach” section, may need some sunbathers. Note 10/31 Park in subject line of submission.

Hours/Rates: Shoots can last 8 up to 12 hours. Approx time frames given when provided. Exact report time unknown until eve before & we never know end time. You must be avail morning to night without conflict. Non Union extras get a minimum payment of $85.92 (for 8hrs or less), overtime at time & ½ half and double time after 12 hrs (based on SF Min Wage $10.74/hr). Additional $20 if cast with Car. SAG-AFTRA Members get scale. Free Parking & lunch provided with snacks/drinks avail throughout.

Employment Requirements: Production uses a payroll company and Extras must have government approved ID to present for I-9 paperwork or you cannot work. U.S. Citizens must have current U.S. Passport OR 2 pieces: a valid Drivers License with either your Social Security Card or Birth Certificate. Non U.S. Citizens must have a valid Permanent Resident/Green Card or Work Authorization from Dept. Of Homeland Security. Payment is mailed within about 15 business days.

HOW TO SUBMIT: email the following to
* Subject line: Avail Date(s) 10/30, 10/31 Name, Approx Age, City you live in, Cell
* Height, Weight, Union Status (Non Union or SAG-AFTRA#)
* Attach New Color Snapshot, chest up smiling/standing. No hats or sunglasses
* If submitting with friend/partner, include Name, Approx Age, Cell, email & Photo
* Cars - Note Car Year, Color, Make & Model. Include photo if older/beater car
** Future Avail Submissions: In subject line, list individual all day M-F Avail Date(s) 10/31-11/14, Name, Approx Age, City you live in, Cell & rest of the requested info

Please forward this notice to SF Bay Area local friends/family you think may be interested! If not initially contacted, you may be considered for later shoots, but we suggest you submit again with updated availability for future scenes. We update extras needs for each episode on our website, link below.

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