Asian or South Korean Female Body Double NDA (slight bike stunt)

We  are looking for a Female body double for a slight bike stunt

Must be able to ride a bicycle with your feet on the handlebars for a short period of time.

MUST also look like the principal
Appear South Korean primary, Appear Asian secondary
Height: 170.5 cm or 5’6 feet
Shirt: Small
Shoes: Women 8

Shoot Date is TBD:

1/23, 1/24,1/25, 1/26
2 days bay area, most likely 1/23-1/24

Rates for this project are as follows: SF talent is $900 plus 20%(Agency if applicable)

**If interested please email a submission to

Please include, availability, contact information, sizes, and two new digital photos: One shoulders up, and one full body (No hats or sunglasses please)